We Go Like This is a slideshow presentation delivered at The Pigeon Wing in September 2010, through the VerySmallKitchen WRITING/EXHIBITION/PUBLICATION residency. From the the Pigeon Wing website:

For their residency at The Pigeon Wing, VerySmallKitchen presents a month long exploration of how writing moves (or not) between the locations of WRITING/ EXHIBITION/ PUBLICATION. Throughout September The Pigeon Wing will be both workspace and exhibition, offering space for a programme of exhibitions, readings, performances, research projects, libraries, and screenings, exploring an abundance of forms and practices at the interface of writing and art practices.

At the close of WRITING/EXHIBITION/PUBLICATION Tamarin Norwood will discuss the impossibility of a written form that might leave its object unwritten, considering a spectrum of practices from observing, swallowing and drawing to self-apparent, self-effacing and obliterated writing. As Norwood writes of her own project: This month Tamarin Norwood has been trying not to write things away. It hasn’t worked. Her writing has persistently generated words, not things.

We Go Like This was first performed at The Pigeon Wing, London in October 2010, and in 2011 at The Mews Project Space, London to launch of the Or-Bits Editions On The Upgrade series.