Saturday Night is my contribution to a three-way spoken word collaboration: a five-minute performance which also included fifty-two boxes of native soil: abbreviated symbolic writing method by Julia Calver and The Saison Poetry Library Collections by Patrick Coyle. Saturday Night responds to an invitation from the convener to use no language at all, just sound.

The performance took place as part of mainTenant eVeniNg of aVANT-gaRde & conTemPorArY PoETry convened by Steven Fowler: a celebration of sound poetry performance, installations and presentations by Marton Koppany, David Berridge and Nick-E Melville; Gabriele Labanauskaite; Mark Jackson; Hannah Silva and Holly Pester; Ben Morris, Fiona Kennedy and Jon Marshall; Tamarin Norwood, Julia Calver and Patrick Coyle; Ollie Evans, Lucy Beynon and Lisa Jeschke.

A free visual poetry fair and exchange ran throughout the night with contributions from Tim Atkins, Richard Barrett, Sarah Chapman, Wayne Clements, Becky Cremin, Sarah Cewe, Amy Cutler, James Davies, Stephen Emmerson, Irum Fazal, Amy Evans, Kelina Gotman, Jeff Hilson, Mark Jackson, Peter Jaeger, Tom Jenks, Holly Pester, Nat Raha, Linus Slug, Marcus Slease, Philip Terry, James Wilkes and Michael Zand.

Richmix, Bethnal Green Road, E1 6LA
Saturday March 31st 2012
6.45pm till late, performances from 7:30pm