Above is a 30 minute programme produced for Cast and Figment: Radio as Medium and as Such, and broadcast from SoundFjord.org in 2011. It’s a repeat broadcast of the Musica Practica radio piece I made in 2010, followed by a discussion of the piece between myself and Cast and Figment curator Matthew MacKisack.

The original 15 minute piece consists of instructions for its disparate radio listeners to collaborate on a kind of spontaneous orchestral performance, strummed, batted and tapped on whatever materials they might have to hand as they listen. The fluid impossibility of the task depended on each listener knowing they were one of many, that their many counterparts were listening at the very same time, and that they might be participating (too). The time and date of the broadcast is announced at its opening to indicate its liveness and underline a sense of this communality.

In our discussion Matthew and I considered the effect of broadcasting the piece outside its originally intended timeframe: whether it would feel less ‘live’, and whether the resulting orchestral sound – in every case imaginary – would be imagined differently in this context.