In 2012 the Liverpool Biennial worked with Mercy to commission a series of weekly podcasts running throughout the Biennial period. The podcast series took up the ‘Unexpected Guest‘ strand of Biennial programming, looking in part at possible relationships between host and parasite organisms. I was invited to guest produce the podcast of Friday 16 November, and I used the host/parasite analogy to think about how artworks might relate to their verbal descriptions. My podcast is below and includes an introduction from series producer Vanessa Bartlett.

The outline opposite is from the Mercy SoundCloud site.

Tamarin Norwood is an artist and writer interested in the acts of writing, drawing and speaking, and in the residues these acts leave behind. This week she has been collecting various spoken descriptions of artworks, and thinking about how these descriptions relate to the artworks they describe. In this podcast she imagines the descriptions as unexpected guests being hosted by the artworks themselves, and thinks about how these ‘guests’ —or even parasites—might avoid making themselves unwelcome. It’s a podcast about the ethics and prosthetics of description: about the risk of exhausting objects in language, and about using speech as a material robust enough to host new objects of its own.

Tamarin Norwood: Hosts and Parasites in Art Writing

Mondrian and the ectoparasite – Pollock and the endoparasite – Kaprow and the parasitoid – Emin and the co-speciated parasite