Tamarin Norwood: A Fine Line is a micro-exhibition commissioned by Becky Huff Hunter as part of ICA@50 celebrations at the Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Philadelphia. A Fine Line was online here 12 March to 17 August 2014; the commissioned videos are now archived below.

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British artist and writer Tamarin Norwood has created a new web-based work in response to digitized archival materials from ICA’s Agnes Martin retrospective.
A Fine Line, 2014, is a set of four short digital videos that play with relationships between surface and line, inspired by the ways that Martin’s alternate layers of graphite and wash complicate ground/mark dynamics. Staging encounters between hand-drawn pencil marks and computer-generated lines, the videos propose ways of imagining what the surface of the page might have in common with the surfaces of the camera lens and the computer screen. These are each surfaces capable of capturing and presenting events in three-dimensional space, though their means of capture and the effects of their presentation are quite different. As Norwood writes, “Each flatness seems to vie with the next, each presenting itself as the first, the most real, the most inevitable.”
This project is the first in which an artist has worked with the fabric of ICA’s website, icaphila.org, in mind. Each of the videos that comprise A Fine Line will appear in the website’s “reveal” area, a space between webpages that highlights documents and images from the museum’s past. By inhabiting the same conceptual space as the archival materials that she consulted, Norwood’s new works use the computer screen to to bring into dialogue past and present explorations of the drawing surface.

A Fine Line: Untitled #1 (2014)

A Fine Line: Untitled #2 (2014)

A Fine Line: Untitled #3 (2014)

A Fine Line: Untitled #4 (2014)

Addendum: Waving (2014, for Márton Koppány)