in April 2015 amaCollective curated a series of dialogic interventions for The Naturalness of Strange Things at Five Years gallery. Sally Morfill, Ana Čavić, Louise Stern and I contributed works that fold across one another to examine lines as containers and connectors of narrative and form. To mark their collaboration with Five Years, amaCollective published interviews with me, Sally Morfill, Ana Čavić and Louise Stern, asking about the roles of dialogue and translation in our work. An extract from my interview is opposite; the full text is here.

In relation to your own practice, how do you define the notions of dialogue and translation?

There’s dialogue going on between the movement of the pencil against the page and the tapping of the white cane along the pavement. There’s dialogue going on between a spontaneous gesticulation and a sign language handshape, which happen to resemble one another while meaning quite different things and meaning those things in quite different ways. There’s dialogue going on between the different meanings of a homophone, which coexist quite separately only to be revealed when they’re forced up against one other in a neatly worded pun. These phenomena coexist in their separate domains like doppelgänger who’ve never met but are irrepressibly similar all the same.