Wellcome Collection  |  The Art and Science of Doodling

Thursday 14 April 7pm
Free, book a place here

As part of the Hubbub residency at the Wellcome Collection I’m contributing to a panel discussion about doodling, mind wandering and concentration. Psychologist Sandi Mann will take us through what happens in the mind when we doodle, and artist and writer Tamarin Norwood will examine how the physical contact between pen and paper affects drawing and writing. Composer Antonia Barnett-McIntosh will explore the impact of doodling on musical composition. The discussion will be facilitated by Claudia Hammond, Hubbub Associate Director and BBC Radio 4 presenter.


Spike Island  |  twelve month residency: POINT LINE TIME

Through 2016 I am artist writer in residence at Spike Island, Bristol. Over twelve months I’m examining the spatial and temporal aspects of the drawing process — the space and the time around the page — in terms of their relationship to the object of drawing, the subject or body doing the drawing, and the body of marks left on the page. Throughout the residency, which I’ve called Point Line Time, I’m working with a network of researchers and practitioners including an animator, a 3D print engineer, a choreographer and a sign language translator to explore the acts of drawing and writing in relation to time and three-dimensional space. As I develop a new body of work I’ll be hosting a series of public conversations, presentations and live experiments of which details are below.


Spike Island  |  When I’m working in the Residency Studio

Tuesday 5 – Wednesday 20 January
Monday 18 April – Tuesday 3 May
Sunday 10 – Sunday 24 July


Spike Island  |  Introductory Artist Talk

Tuesday 19 January, 6pm
£5/£3 (free for Associates)

Artist and writer Tamarin Norwood introduces her year long residency at Spike Island. Presenting recent half-blind drawings, subtitled videos and sculptural constructions, she describes her research into the point of contact between pencil and page, and outlines plans to develop this research towards animation and 3D print technologies.


Spike Island  |  Tom Chivers: Dark Islands

Saturday 2 April 6pm
Free, book a place here

In a darkened room filled with words, ghosts, voices and the light of a single lamp, poet Tom Chivers reads from Dark Islands, adapting and re-setting his limited edition ‘black book’ as an intimate, unsettling performance. He will also preview new work from Relic, a sequence of short lyrics about faith, confinement and the body.


Spike Island  |  Writing Movement / Reading Movement

Sunday 10 April 2pm
Free, book a place here

Dancer and performance artist Martina Conti, writer-artist Emma Cocker and writer and singer Phil Owen will join me in conversation: each building upon insights from our own interdisciplinary methods, we will explore the liveness and ‘timeliness’ of action and notation across drawing, writing and choreography.


Spike Island  |  movement.language.line.sign

Sunday 1 May 2pm
Free, book a place here

What do sign languages have in common with drawing, writing and the space of the page? I’ll be joined by British Sign Language interpreter, writer and artist Dr. Kyra Pollitt to consider how the use of space, time and movement in BSL and BSL poetry relates to the processes and products of drawing.


Spike Island  |  The Ear and the Page

Saturday 21 May 2pm
Free, book a place here

Composer Antonia Barnett-McIntosh will join me to present our recent collaboration; an examination of the intersections between drawing, writing, listening and making noise, supported by Hubbub at Wellcome Collection. Hear about the connections they have made between the surface of the page and the surface of the ear.


Spike Island  |  Beginning to Speak

Tuesday 7 June 6pm
Free, book a place here

Writer Daniela Cascella joins me in the residency studio to compare notes on drawing, writing and speech. We will present their ongoing experimentation and research into the point of contact with the page and the moment of beginning to speak, asking: how does an articulation begin, what is there beforehand, and what remains when it’s over?


Spike Island  |  The 3D Additivist Manifesto

Sunday 10 July 2pm
£5/£3/£0, book a place here
Associates Space

Morehshin Allahyari and Daniel Rourke present The 3D Additivist Manifesto and forthcoming Cookbook, a call to push 3D printing and additive technologies to their absolute limits and beyond; into the realm of the speculative, the provocative and the weird.




what the point is : the end of the line
solo exhibition

My exhibition at SE8 Gallery closes on 31 October, and will stay open late to coincide with Deptford’s last Friday events. I’ve imagined the exhibition as an essay in sculptural form, composed of drawing, video and assembled objects. The new body of artwork develops a chain of analogies between the tip of the pen/cil, the first person singular, the line of sight and the I-beam cursor. It asks: how is the object answered by its representation, and how is the subject consoled by it? Read more..

A pamphlet publication with a text by Nico de Oliveira and Nicola Oxley was produced to accompany the exhibition, along with a limited edition 7″ vinyl which will play in the gallery throughout the weekend.

Reviews of the exhibition are online at CtC and thisistomorrow.

SE8 Gallery
171 Deptford High Street, London SE8 3NU
Friday 30 October 2-9pm, Saturday 31 October 2-6pm

Pulling Together/Pulling Apart: Forces in Creative Collaboration

Following their joint exhibition in Denmark, UK artists brook & black are collaborating with Danish artists Christina Bredahl Duelund and Natascha Thiara Rydvald. One result of their exchange is the exhibition Arkitektoniske Kramper, in which the artists present new work, both collaborative and individual, as well as reconfiguring some elements and motifs that played their part in Gjethuset Gallery, Denmark, the site of their first collaboration.

On the occasion of the exhibition, the symposium Pulling Together/ Pulling Apart: Forces in Creative Collaboration sees guest speakers Steven Fowler and Tamarin Norwood joining the exhibiting artists in discussion to address recent experiences of creative and interdisciplinary collaboration. Read more..

OVADA, 14a Osney Lane, Oxford OX1 1NJ
Friday 6 November, 4-6pm followed by exhibition preview
Free, booking required: info@ovada.org.uk

Sora Kim: Fractured Performance
panel discussion

Sora Kim’s performances involve other people, encourage improvisation and verge on the conceptual – her latest performance 2,3 produced for her exhibition at the KCCUK involved 15 people performing simultaneously whilst being in different locations around the globe. This event brings together one of Kim’s performers for 2,3, Eugenio Polgovsky (a film-maker based in Mexico City), with two people commissioned to write accounts of the performance, Tamarin Norwood (an artist and writer based in Oxford) and Ellen Mara de Wachter (a curator and writer based in London). Led by Jeyun Moon (Curator, KCCUK), they will discuss their experiences of being involved in Kim’s project and its position within the landscape of contemporary performance today. Read more..

Korean Cultural Centre UK, 1-3 Strand, London WC2N 5BW
Tuesday 17 November, 6.30pm
Free, booking recommended: info@kccuk.org.uk

show: Drawing and the Digital Ground
artist talk

show: is a series of lunchtime talks convened by Oxford University IT services to celebrate the intersection between art and technology in digital media, providing a platform for university members and others to share the contributions they are making in this fast-changing arena.

My talk begins at the renewed critical scrutiny that practices of drawing have met with in recent years. 3D printing technologies have now begun to join the more established media of film and video to offer novel insights into the field. I will present a handful of my recent artworks to suggest some intersections between paper, screen, lens and modelling software as grounds for the figures they support. Read more..

IT Services, 13 Banbury Road, Oxford OX2 6NN
Monday 23 November, 12:30pm
Free, booking required; email me if you’d like to attend

Transmission 2015: Where Art Happens
artist talk

Transmission is an annual series of lectures and symposia, now in its fourteenth year, and is a collaboration between Fine Art, the Art & Design Research Centre at Sheffield Hallam University, and Site Gallery. This year’s lecture series takes up the places of art, its various locations and possibilities for location, which may be more than the linear trajectory of studio, gallery, collection. Perhaps art happens anywhere, everywhere, in the many interstices and detours between site of production and valorisation by institution. Place, the place of art, may be as unpredictable as its form or content. Art may happen in language or in silence, in gardens or bedrooms, in public exchange and political engagement; we may be obliged to look for it, even finding it where it is not. Read more..

Through the lens of some recent studio projects, my talk will propose both material and institutional responses to the question ‘where does art happen?’.

Pennine Lecture Theatre, Howard Bldg, City Campus, Sheffield S1 1WB
Tuesday 8 December, 4:30pm
Free, no need to book

Solo Exhibition |  what the point is : the end of the line

I’m delighted to be working with SE8 Gallery towards a solo exhibition of new work I’ve been developing over the past year. what the point is : the end of the line is an essay in sculptural form, composed of drawing, video and assembled objects. The artworks develop a chain of analogies between the tip of the pen/cil, the first person singular, the line of sight and the I-beam cursor. Together they ask: how is the object answered by its representation, and how is the subject consoled by it? The exhibition is accompanied by a publication and programme of events drawing upon my parallel writing practice. Read more..

SE8 Gallery, 171 Deptford High Street, London SE8 3NU
25 September 6-9pm | opening event with video screening and readings
30 October 6-9pm | closing event with artist Q&A

Book Launch | drawing round things

Drawing Round Things is a limited edition artist book and 7” vinyl record, produced on the occasion of my solo exhibition at SE8 Gallery (above). The work plays on the needle’s similarity to the tip of the pencil as they move across paper and vinyl respectively, describing and reproducing form. The launch is part of Art Licks Weekend 2015.

SE8 Gallery, 171 Deptford High Street, London SE8 3NU
Saturday 3 October 3-6pm | book launch

VideoGUD Sweden | performance, architecture, materials

Two of my videos are joining works by Karin Kihlberg & Reuben Henry, Laura Cooper and Aura Satz to be broadcast in public spaces across Sweden, in a VideoGUD film programme curated by Marianne Mulvey. The programme examines what it means to animate the surfaces of our built environment and the materials we use on a daily basis, asking how we might perform these materials and architectures. Read more..

Public spaces across Sweden
Thursday 3 September | programme launch

Friday Late Spectacular | hubbub

It’s a year since the Hubbub group began our work as the first residents of The Hub at Wellcome Collection, and on Friday evening we’re showcasing our research so far. I’ve been looking at intersections between mindwandering, doodling and agoraphobia for a lesson in fidgeting, and working with composer Antonia Barnett-McIntosh on Earpiece, a collaborative sound and video work. Read more..

Wellcome Collection, 183 Euston Road, London NW1 2BE
Friday 4 September 7-11pm

Book Launch | AGAIN / the very last time

I’m proud to be part of the very last time, a collection of creative and critical writing on chance, edited by Holly Corfield-Carr and Lawrence Epps with contributions from poets, artists, academics, an archaeologist, a psychoanalyst, a valuation expert, a bookmaker and a mudlarker. The book was created alongside AGAIN, a participatory installation by Epps showing this autumn at the British Ceramics Biennial. Read more..

Firstsite, Lewis Gardens, High Street, Colchester CO1 1JH
Saturday 12 September 2pm, readings & performances from 3pm

Video Screening | the same river twice

The Same River Twice is a new video work created in collaboration with Anton Viesel. Commissioned in response to the current Bodleian Libraries’ Marks of Genius exhibition, the video traces the course of handwritten lines in the documents in the exhibition, drawing an analogy between manmade marks and the natural topography of rivers. The video will screen on the closing day of the exhibition as part of The Big Draw launch. Read more about the exhibition and the launch event..

Weston Library, Broad Street, Oxford OX1 3BG
19 September 11am-4:30pm

April 2015 | the line that (…)

I’m contributing a new video work to this reactive exhibition based on Euclid’s idea of the line as a circuitous, infinite connection, inclusion and enclosing. “Sally Morfill and Ana Čavić, Tamarin Norwood and Louise Stern are points on a line that lengthens and reshapes over the three weeks of the show. For the individual artists in this exhibition, straight lines collapse, reconfigure and acquire breadth through their respective approaches to translation.” Read more…

9 – 26 April,  Friday-Sunday, 1-6pm. The exhibition develops in 3 phases:
9 April 6-9pm | the line that (draws) | Sally Morfill and Ana Čavić
16 April 6.30-8.30pm | the line that (breathes) | Sally Morfill, Ana Čavić and Tamarin Norwood
23 April 6.30-8.30pm | the line that (speaks) | Sally Morfill, Ana Čavić, Tamarin Norwood and Louise Stern.
Five Years, 66 Regents Studios, 8 Andrews Road, London E8 4QN


May 2015 | Wellcome Collection: On Light

The Wellcome Collection is celebrating the international year of light with a 3-day festival in May. As part of this, poet James Wilkes invited 20 writers to respond to Jackson Mac Low’s Light Poems to make new work for a publication and readings during the festival. My contribution, EYE LIGHT (s’io credesse), is a partially crossed-out response to the 1962 handwritten grid matrix Mac Low used to generate poetry over the subsequent 26 years. Contributors will read their work at Wellcome over two days: details below.

2 May, 4pm | Emma Bennett, Amy Cutler, Steve Fowler, Edmund Hardy, Colin Herd, Mendoza, Dell Olsen, Nat Raha, Philip Terry
4 May, 4pm | Tim Atkins, Patrick Coyle, Sarah Crewe, Inua Ellams, Dorothy Lehane, Stephen Emmerson, Sophie Mayer, Chris McCabe, Tamarin Norwood, Holly Pester
Wellcome Collection, 183 Euston Road, London, NW1 2BE


June 2015 | Conference: PoeTransFi 2015

The conference focuses on links between the syntax of poetry and the syntax of film, with special attention to rhythm and montage, and to subtitling, dubbing and voice-over both in monolingual work and in translation. In this context my video Door Feather Door will be screened as part of a presentation by keynote speaker Tom Koynves, who will address processes of homophonic translation in subtitling. Read more..

Etudes Montpelliéraines du Monde Anglophone
Paul Valéry University, Montpellier, France
Saturday 18 – Monday 20 June


September – October 2014 | Assembly Passage Project

This autumn I’m writer in residence at Assembly Passage Project, writing about the geometric line in relation to urban topology. APP is an exhibition and writing project exploring three site-specific solo commissions through a semi-private urban site in East London. I’ll be writing as artist Matt Calderwood installs his newly commissioned work within the space, after which the artwork and writing will be on view to the public for a week. The project is supported by the Elephant Trust and is part of Art Licks Weekend 2014.

27 September – 5 October, Art Licks night 2 October 6-9pm; closing event 5 October 6-9pm
112a+b Mile End Road London
Assembly Passage Project


September 2014 | Curating the Contemporary: artist interview

Interview with curator Amy Brown for Curating the Contemporary. Amy asked me about the effect of writing upon its object, especially in relation to a biro line I drew across a bed sheet in 2009 and again in 2012. CtC is an online platform for art writing and criticism edited by Amy Brown, Alejandro Ball, Caterina Berardi and Miriam La Rosa.

read the interview online here


September 2014 | Mopha

Mopha is an art-performance-poetry collective formed by Patrick Coyle, Emma Bennett, SJ Fowler, James Wilkes and myself. Our first event takes is at the Rich Mix this autumn, performed by four of us and devised by all five. Though I won’t be on stage I’ve devised a new piece for the performance, developing from my ongoing research into half-blind drawing. From the Rich Mix website: “Mopha pools and mutates the live practices of six adept performers with backgrounds in poetry, sound art, live art and sculpture to create collaborative, site-responsive performances. “How would you describe the space around a horse? Or lift a watermelon with your voice?”

28 September, 7:30pm
Rich Mix, London


September 2014 | Drawing Room Network Study Forum

For the first Study Forum programme at Drawing Room I’m presenting my recent studio-led research in a short talk entitled “Half-Blind Drawing and the Naked Form: the skin, the page, the tip of the eye.” I will be showing some recent experiments in ‘half-blind’ drawing—drawing the model without once looking at the page until all the work is done—alongside the pencil sketches, subtitled videos and sculptural constructions that have resulted from these experiments.

30 September
The Drawing Room
Note: open to Drawing Room network members only


October 2014 | Art Journal: artist interview

Discussing my recent commission for ICA Philadelphia Tamarin Norwood: A Fine Line, Becky Huff Hunter asks about the digital and analogue figure and ground in drawing, video and writing. This interview is part of the ongoing Art Journal Conversations series, which asks artists, curators, historians and others to discuss issues related to their practice.

Online here from early October 2014


October 2014 | Truck

Márton Koppány is guest editing the Truck blog through October, and will include four of my recent videos in his selection alongside works by visual poets including Bob Grumman and Karl Kempton. Truck is a project initiated in 2011 by poet Halvard Johnson, who invites an artist or writer to contribute each month by guest editing.



October 2014 | Paperwork Issue 2: Act Natural

PaperWork Magazine is an art writing publication providing an interdisciplinary platform for visual artists engaged with writing to publish and distribute their work. PaperWork spans 80 pages loosely bound, designed by STSQ, with an emphasis on challenging form and function in print. PaperWork is curated by Rowan Powell and Catherine Smiles, and designed by Stinsensqueeze. Issue 2, Act Natural, includes my metafictional text O-.

30 October
Paperwork Magazine Issue 2: Act Natural
Jupiter Woods, London
Stockists: Good Press Glasgow, Aye-Aye Books Glasgow, Tate Modern London, ICA London


October 2014 | Relief Issue 2

Relief Press is a curatorial project comprising live events, exhibitions, symposia and works in progress documented in a bi-annually printed journal. Issue 2, Drift, includes a newly commissioned work of mine alongside contributions form Arjuna Neuman, George Vasey, Victor Burgin, Simon Faithfull and others.

29 October London launch
details to follow
Relief Issue 2


October 2014 – October 2016 | The Hub at the Wellcome Collection: inaugural interdisciplinary residency

I’m delighted to part of a team of researchers selected for the inaugural residency at The Hub, the Wellcome Collection’s brand new space for interdisciplinary research. The team is lead by social scientist Felicity Callard (Durham University) with core contributing members comprising psychologist and writer Charles Fernyhough (Durham University), broadcaster Claudia Hammond (BBC’s All in the Mind and Health Check), neuroscientist Daniel Margulies (Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences) and poet James Wilkes (University of East Anglia). Along with 34 other contributors I’ll be developing new work examining states of rest and noise in the busyness of contemporary life.

The Hub at the Wellcome Collection
Press Release


October 2014 | Mopha

Mopha returns for its second collaborative performance event, this time as part of the Poetics programme at University of East Anglia. Convened by Jeremy Noel-Tod, this event will revisit and recontextualize elements of the group’s first London performance in September 2014, accompanied by a pamphlet publication including new writing. More about Mopha is here.

Poetics events at the University of East Anglia
21 October 2014


November 2014 | How To See Clearly From a Distance: TULCA 2014

My 2011 audio piece My House and Other Inventions will be rebroadcast at Galway University Hospital this month as part of  How To See Clearly From A Distance, a site-specific project for TULCA 2014. For the project Jennie Guy has asked artists and writers to read out texts that they have written, chosen with a particular context in mind. Contributors include Hu Fang (text read by Dennis McNulty), Fergal Gaynor, Jennie Guy, Russell Hart, Léa Lagasse, Tamarin Norwood, Leila Peacock, Alan Phelan, Lucy Wilson and Frank Wasser.

TULCA Festival of Visual Arts
17-23 November 2014


And before that:

12 March – 17 August 2014 | ICA@50  Tamarin Norwood: A Fine Line

Five new video works are now online as part of the ICA@50 exhibition series at the Institute of Contemporary Art at the University of Pennsylvania, which runs February to August 2014. Tamarin Norwood: A Fine Line was commissioned for ICA@50 by independent writer and curator Becky Huff Hunter. To develop the work I had digital access the archive of Agnes Martin’s 1973 exhibition at the museum, looking at the mark-making point of contact with the paper.

online at icaphila.org

23 – 27 April 2014 | KALEID Editions at Arts Libris, Barcelona

Copies of my limited edition artist book olololo are travelling to Barcelona this spring with KALEID Editions, who will represent them as part of their collection of works by artists who do books. On Thursday 24 April KALEID founder and director Victoria Browne will contribute to a panel discussion chaired by Moritz Kung, addressing the future of the artist book alongside publisher and bookseller Christophe Daviet-Thery, artist Francesc Ruiz and editor and curator Helena Tatay. The opening will coincide with Sant Jordi, the Catalan national holiday that celebrates literature, books as art pieces, experimental graphic design and special editions.

Arts Libris
Arts Santa Mònica Barcelona

26 April 2014 | E.R.O.S. Journal at Senate House Library, London: Their eyes travel across the pages

Along with Neil Chapman, Peter Jaeger, Rebecca LaMarre and Holly Pester, I will be reading at the Senate House Library Goldsmiths’ Reading Room for an evening event organized by E.R.O.S. Press. Drawing upon Saint Augustine’s description of Saint Ambrose in the act of reading — ‘His eyes travelled across the pages and his heart searched out the meaning, but his voice and tongue stayed still’ — the readers will examine assumptions about reading in silence and reading aloud. The event will be filmed by the Jarman Film Lab, with the video available online afterwards. A pamphlet publication will accompany the event.

E.R.O.S. Press
Saturday April 26, 6-7:30pm, £10 (£8 concessions)
Goldsmiths’ Reading Room, Senate House Library, Russell Square, London

27 April 2014 | KARST Projects: Radioscopie: Medium as Metaphor

Matthew MacKisack presents Radioscopie: Medium as Metaphor, a project on and about the radio at KARST in Plymouth. The project is a sequel to MacKisack’s 2011 broadcast series Cast and Figment: Radio as Medium and as Such, as part of which he interviewed me about my radio piece Musica Practica, originally developed for Resonance 104.4FM in 2010. The interview will be rebroadcast as part of Radioscopie, together with the original Musica Practica radio piece.

Listen online at KARST
Musica Practice from Saturday 27 April at 12pm

May – October 2014 | The Unturned

The Unturned brings together material by a group of ten international artists: Steve Bishop, Rachael Champion, Peter Funch, Alexander Massouras, Filippo Minelli, Tamarin Norwood, Laure Prouvost, Margaret Salmon, Semiconductor and Guido van der Werve. The online project develops an ongoing archive of stimuli that trigger the artists’ processes of thinking and making, accompanied by short statements by each contributing artist.

The Unturned is a project by London-based curators Thomas Stokmans & Alejandro A. Díaz

The Unturned
Launches 6 May 2014

May – July 2014 | Bury Art Museum: The Dark Would Volume 3 at the Text Festival

THE DARK WOULD anthology gathered work by over 100 contributors including some of the most noted artists and poets alive today and comes out of Phil Davenport’s decade-long involvement with the Text Festival. The anthology is available in two ‘volumes’: the book version and a much larger Kindle version. Volume 3 takes up works and forms and imagines stages of development beyond the Book into the exhibition space. Over the past months I have been working with visual poet Martón Koppány towards a short collaborative video, which will be part of the Volume 3 exhibition.

Text Festival, Bury Art Museum
May 3 – July 9 2014 (pv May 2, 7pm)

May – September 2014 | Foam: touring exhibition and events

Artist Mat Jenner has commissioned 100 visual artists to create audio works for 100 dub plates: one-off 12″ records. My contribution considers the movement of the stylus around and across the record, presenting this as a visual spectacle to which the sound it makes is incidental. The records will be available for visitors to select and play at the locations across the UK over the course of the exhibition tour: details on the Foam website.

May: installation and presentation of the dub plate record archive at P/N Project Space, London
June 7: live music at CAFE OTO project space, London
July: installation and presentation of the dub plate record archive at AND/OR, London
September: presentation of the dub plate record archive at Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge

July 2014 | Podium #171/172: Pour Les

My short text Adventures 1-10 will be published in the forthcoming issue of Podium, a European bilingual (German/English) journal of art and literature. This issue is guest-curated by Esther Strauss and also includes work by choreographer Martina Conti and playwright Petra Maria Kraxner, two of my fellow residents of the Alterierhaus Salzamt residency and exhibition Der Handel Zeigt Sich Zufrieden, which Esther curated last year. The publication will be launched in Vienna in July.

PODIUM-Heft # 171/172: Pour Les
Launch: July 2, 7pm 2. Alte Schmiede, Vienna